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M60A3 Main Battle Tank

The M60A3 Integrated Fire Control System (IFCS) provides the tank with the ability to acquire and track both stationary and mobile targets while the tank is on the move. Two of NAI's DC/DC Converters (55GS1 and 55KT1) power the IFCS electronics. These rugged conduction-cooled designs meet the requirements of MIL-STD-461, 704 and 810. The customer reviewed the complete costs of assembling their own solutions using a module-based approach and decided that our one-box, mount, connect-and-go solutions provided an overall lower-cost solution. In addition, the program utilizes an NAI DC/AC Sine Inverter (44KS1-01) to power a gyro. The customer experienced power fluctuations while using another supplier's product. In less than one month, NAI submitted a design for a form, fit and function replacement solution and subsequently received the order.

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