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At North Atlantic Industries, we combine the broadest range of modular, ruggedized embedded computing products with unique levels of expertise in critical I/O intensive applications.

With COSA® - a Configurable Open Systems Architecture -  you can rapidly deliver more distributed, intelligent, SWaP-efficient and cost-effective COTS-based mission systems. Find out why top companies leverage NAI to eliminate common design risks, accelerate their time-to-mission and push new boundaries in performance.


Get to market in less time, with more I/O capability at the edge of your Mil-Aero-Industrial applications.


Redesign, reuse or retrofit your application without the design risks, costs and timelines you’ve accepted as givens.

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Embed ruggedness and resiliency in your mission systems, with useful lives you can measure in decades.

Rethink the design and engineering risks you've accepted as givens.

Redesign Risk

Unplanned design changes threaten your entire program. You may have to redesign from scratch, and start your program over again. Costs, timelines, and tempers rise to new heights.

Risk Avoidance

COSA's modularity, configurability and I/O density make unplanned design changes a breeze. Your program is saved. Your reputation grows. Your customer is thrilled.

Customization Risk

Your have very unique requirements. Convention says you must build something custom. And, incur significant NRE. Total costs, timelines and expectations soar.

Risk Avoidance

COSA's modularity gives you 1.4 quadrillion potential configurations. Meet virtually any embedded system requirement in record time, with little or no NRE.

Specification Risk

Your application specs are less than exact. Eventually the requirements change significantly. You need more I/O than you planned for. But, your SWaP is at its limit.

Risk Avoidance

COSA's channel density is unmatched in the industry. Add or change modules, boards or systems to meet your new requirements, in the same or smaller footprint.

Supply Risk

You took advantage of COTS technology to lower cost and get to market faster. Now you discover a key technology you count on may be discontinued, or unavailable – you just don’t know.

Risk Avoidance

COSA's long lifecycle support is ideal for long-lived Mil-Aero-Industrial applications. Design with technology and supply you know will be available for years to come.

COSA® Product Family

The most modular, agile and rugged portfolio of embedded I/O modules, boards, systems and power supplies of its kind.

Our function modules are the building blocks of more I/O-intensive, distributed and cost effective mission systems. 70+ I/O, measurement, simulation or communication COTS modules let you rapidly create configurable mission systems - with higher channel density, optimized SWaP, and no NRE. Embedded processing intelligence reduces or eliminates single board computer overhead.

Input / Output

D/A Modules
Discrete I/O Modules
Isolated Discrete I/O Modules
Digital I/O Differential Transceiver



Synchro/Resolver Measurement
Digital to Synchro/Resolver
Digital to LVDT/RVDT
Strain Gage


Industry leaders trust North Atlantic to help them accelerate their time-to-mission. Read customer testimonials

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