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AC-130U Gunship

DoD requirements were to deliver a form, fit, and functional replacement for the LWCP (Loader Weapon Control Panel) and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on the AC-130 Gunship.

NAI worked closely with SSAI engineers to select the exact hardware and firmware solutions to meet all their system needs. SSAI selected NAI's complete I/O and processing solution based on our field-proven, flexible COTS I/O, and Processor Technology.

“SSAI looked at numerous COTS solution sets, and NAI was the only vendor we found capable of meeting all the performance requirements with existing, proven equipment,” explains Cliff Driver, SSAI Vice President of Operations. “The final flight test results of the new ECU/LWCP system exceeded the requirements and improved the overall accuracy of the Gunship, as well as the reliability and maintainability of the gun systems — resulting in real benefits to USAF war fighters.”

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