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Advanced Engineering Integrated Designs

At North Atlantic Industries (NAI), our quality systems are certified to AS9100 Rev. D and ISO9001:2015 standards plus Federal Aviation Regulations FAR 21 & FAR 45.15. These standards establish the foundation of NAI’s excellent reputation in delivering quality product.

We have been recognized by numerous customers as a supplier who has provided outstanding service and partnership; met all safety standards; and, overall, exceeded customer requirements. Awards include: Performance Excellence Gold Award - Boeing, and Supplier Excellence Award - Raytheon.


NAI is committed to quality and excellence in all we do. Our in-house, certified QCI trainer ensures that all company assemblers and testers are trained and certified to IPC-A-610 standards. Our in-house, Automated Test Equipment (ATE) reduces delivery time to the customer and ensures every product is tested to the same rigorous standards throughout the production cycle.

Testing Capabilities

Our on-site testing capabilities encompass every facet, from design verification, product qualification, and environmental (EMI, Temperature and Vibration), to final production testing. Testing is automated to the fullest extent when possible to ensure consistent, repetitive, and accurate results.

  • Design Verification Testing

    Once new products are released from engineering, the design verification test team performs a rigorous series of tests. These include verification testing of design specifications and integration of first piece units, as well as environmental and qualification testing.

  • Environmental Stress Screening (Temperature)

    NAI has temperature-cycling, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) capabilities on-site. ESS capabilities range from card level, small footprint NIU units to large, ruggedized power supply systems. All conduction-cooled products receive temperature cycling from -40° C to +85° C during design verification testing and, when specified, on production deliveries.

  • Environmental Stress Screening (Vibration)

    NAI has vibration ESS capabilities on-site. Vibration screening can be performed on all three axes. Units can be instrumented and monitored during testing with data capture or can be run passively with no power. All vibration test systems are computer-controlled and can be programmed to simulate a multitude of vibration scenarios designed to meet the customers’ requirements.

  • Qualification Testing

    NAI has significant environmental and EMI qualification capabilities on-site, including temperature, vibration (sine & random), shock, humidity, and conducted emissions. As required, NAI supplements these capabilities with the use of local test laboratories for specialized testing, such as altitude, temperature-altitude, contaminate protection, explosive atmosphere, MIL-STD-461 EMI, and lightening testing.

  • Final Production Testing

    NAI has a diversified mix of products, from low-volume/high-mix to high-volume production runs, that utilize internally designed multi-unit gang testers. We have developed an automated test software suite which is at the heart of our testing systems. This suite is uniquely designed to test the complexity of our highly configurable products. NAI is consistently improving its test capabilities to maximize throughput without sacrificing either test coverage or product quality.

Automated Test Equipment

Vibration Table

Temperature Chamber