NAI Product Lifecycle Management - North Atlantic Industries

Product Lifecycle Management

From design-in to production and beyond, NAI’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy ensures the long-term availability of COTS products through configuration management, technology refresh, and obsolescence component purchase and storage.

As part of its Product Lifecycle Management program, NAI maintains production for a minimum of 10 years to deliver long-term product and application support. NAI’s system checks ECO status vs. products regardless of open order status.

Obsolescence Management

Strategic, military embedded computing products can have a lifetime measured in decades. With NAI, our customers can plan a strategy that mitigates problems caused by product obsolescence. NAI ensures long-term support and a continuous supply of rugged devices for mission-critical applications, through practices such as continuous monitoring and reporting and superior repair/support capabilities.

General Obsolescence Policy

This Obsolescence Policy establishes NAI's position to its Customers with regard to its product life cycles. This policy reinforces NAI's standardized obsolescence approach in order to properly set expectations with Customers. This policy applies to hardware and support offered by North Atlantic Industries.

A variety of factors such as technology evolution, market demand, and component obsolescence dictate the life cycle of any given NAI product. NAI uses numerous tools and processes to track these factors and manage the life cycle of NAI products. All NAI products follow the standard life cycle policy illustrated below.

Phases of Product Lifecycle

  Active Mature End of Life Obsolete
Available for Purchase Yes Yes Last Time Buy No
Repair / Evaluation Yes Yes Yes Typically 2 to 10 years (Based on component availability)1
Calibration Yes Yes Yes Typically 2 to 10 years (Based on component availability)1

1 NAI will make every attempt to stock component inventory for continued product support after obsolescence. However, in some cases, repair and calibration support may be limited or not available due to component availability. Additional services may be available for support of obsolete products, contact factory for details.

Product Lifecycle Descriptions

Active - A product in the active phase is currently manufactured and available for sale and support. The duration of the Active phase varies according to product line based on various factors such as technology evolution, component obsolescence, and market requirements.

Mature - A Mature product is well advanced in its life cycle and in some cases may be nearing the end of its production life. In many cases, when a product is in the Mature phase, a newer, next generation product may be available with equal or better features and performance at a comparable price. North Atlantic Industries may note some Mature phase, products as "Not Recommended for New Designs". The combined Active and Mature lifetime vary according to product line.

End of Life - When North Atlantic finds it can no longer manufacture a product, it generally provides a last-time buy period. This last-time buy period generally varies between six months to one year. There may be circumstances, such as the sudden loss of availability of key components due to unforeseen events, which would prevent North Atlantic from providing the typical period of notice. All products purchased during the last-time buy period receive the standard warranty and are supported for the typical time period. As with the Mature phase, a newer, next generation product may be available with equal or better features and performance at a comparable price.

Obsolete - The product is no longer manufactured or available for purchase. Repair and calibration support services are typically available from between (2) two to (10) ten years with reasonable effort and component availability.