North Atlantic Industries Announces the Release of Latest Generation of Analog-to-Digital Function Modules

North Atlantic Industries Announces the Release of Latest Generation of Analog-to-Digital Function Modules

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BOHEMIA, NY – March 2018 -- North Atlantic Industries, Inc. (NAI), a leading independent supplier of COTS and Modified COTS embedded electronic solutions worldwide, announces the availability of the AD1, AD2 and AD3 Analog-to-Digital (A/D) function modules. Modules AD1, AD2 and AD3 are 12- channel A/D module(s) with (up to) 24-bit Sigma-Delta A/D converters for each individual channel with maximum programmable expected full-scale range inputs of 10V, 100V, and ±25 mA (current only) respectively. The A/D converters provide simultaneous, programmable sample rates of up to 256 kHz.

Each A/D module provides field programmable input range and gain for each channel. The ability to set lower than expected, full-scale voltage gain ranges assures the use of the full resolution. Each channel includes an anti-aliasing filter with an inherent digital “brick wall” filter and a digital second-order IIR low-pass filter with a programmable breakpoint that enables users to field-adjust the filtering for each channel. All channels have continuous background Built-In-Test (BIT). The modules also include extended A/D FIFO buffering capabilities for greater storage/management of the incoming signal samples (data) for post processing applications. Programmable FIFO buffer thresholds maximize data flow control (in and out of the FIFO). Incremental relative time-stamping between samples is also provided as a programmable option.

“The A/D function modules are part of a group of over 40 unique function modules.” states Lino Massafra, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Our modules can be used with any of our latest generation multifunction I/O and SBC cards and in our Sensor Interface Unit systems to offer our customers the widest array and highest density of I/O in the industry.”

NAI is a specialized provider of embedded electronics, power supplies and computing for sense & response intensive, military and aerospace applications. We accelerate our clients’ time-to-mission with a unique approach based on our Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) that delivers the best of both worlds: custom solutions from standard COTS components. For over 50 years, companies like Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have leveraged our capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of I/O and communication-centric applications, and do so with uncompromising quality, efficiency and responsiveness. Information about NAI and its products can be found at

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