Function Modules

Intelligent Function Modules

NAI offers more than 70 intelligent, field-proven function modules covering a wide variety of I/O, Measurement and Simulation, Communications, Ethernet switch and SBC functions. What makes them intelligent?

Mix & Match these COTS functions with NAI’s rugged, modular offering of boards, systems and Single Board Computers (SBCs) to support complex, I/O-intensive embedded system requirements – all with a Configurable Open System Solution that offers:

  • More I/O-intensive, distributed, intelligent and total cost-effective mission systems

  • Unmatched flexibility with countless hardware & software combinations

  • Off-the-shelf development and integration speed

  • Dedicated FPGAs on-board with memory map-based configurability, programmable PID loop support and health monitoring via Built-In-Test

  • Single API programmability across all

  • A unique ability to reconfigure and respond to changing design specifications - should new requirements develop late in the process

  • No NRE charges

  • Obsolescence protection

Learn more about NAI’s Configurable Open System Architecture™ (COSA®) and how it works.

Available Function Families and Processor Options