NAI President’s Message
President’s Message

President's message

Highlights from International Sales Conference Presentation

President Bill Forman talks about unique approach

President & CEO Bill Forman explains
NAI's unique approach.

Welcome and thank you for visiting North Atlantic Industries online. On our website, you will learn about our innovative products, unique architecture, and our ability to help you meet your objectives.

Founded in 1955, North Atlantic Industries (NAI) is a leading independent designer and manufacturer of embedded electronics and computing solutions. We have decades of experience in providing advanced technologies to a broad range of customers deeply rooted in the military, industrial and commercial aerospace industries.

Our customer base is comprised of a veritable "who’s who" of highly respected companies, including: Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Atomics, and EADS. In fact, all ten of the world's largest defense contractors rely on NAI for their embedded solutions. We have developed these successful long-term partnerships due to a strong commitment to R&D and an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer support.

Our unique and highly configurable Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) enables us to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers quickly, delivering user-friendly products that have more intelligence and functionality in a smaller footprint — while maintaining all the advantages of COTS products.

We are excited by the opportunities being made possible with our latest innovative products. We are committed to providing you, our customers, with the technology you need to succeed and Accelerate Your Time-to-Mission™.

William Forman
President & CEO
North Atlantic Industries