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Top Defense Companies Rely on NAI

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"I would like to inform you that we have successfully completed testing of the last two units, and to thank you for your support and your fruitful cooperation over the past years. The Hellenic Navy is very satisfied with the final system, which provides us with a reliable, state-of-the-art, cost-effective solution."
–Sotiris Maschas, Project Manager - Naval Department, SSA s.a.

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"I am quite impressed with the NAI hardware. The 75ARM1 is quite powerful. Also, the ease with which one can configure and use the hardware is extraordinary."
–Becker Vosloo, Sr. Electronic Engineer, Incomar SA

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"I can't say enough about you guys. If all my vendors were like NAI, my job would be a lot easier! Very quick and timely response to all issues and always seem to be on top of a program!"
–Mike Barbour, Sr. Subcontracts Manager, Raytheon GBS

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“We love your products, I’ll be looking to see how your new products can solve our next problems.”
George Camann - Software Engineer Manager, Calspan Corporation, Flight Research Group

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"By employing NAI’s scalable COSA® architecture, L-3 Maritime Systems was able to choose a platform prior to completion of a detailed design. As the craft’s systems interface designs changed, we were able to accommodate that functionality simply by changing I/O modules on the NAI multifunction I/O boards. This allowed us to move forward with development and hardware decisions earlier, keeping the program on schedule."
–Tim Lorenzen, Senior Engineering Manager, L-3 Maritime Systems 

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"SSAI looked at numerous COTS solution sets, and NAI was the only vendor we found capable of meeting all the performance requirements with existing, proven equipment. The final flight test results of the new ECU/LWCP system exceeded the requirements and improved the overall accuracy of the Gunship, as well as the reliability and maintainability of the gun systems— resulting in real benefits to USAF war fighters."
–Cliff Driver, Vice President of Operations, SSAI

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“Transporting and re-supplying troops in rugged, austere terrain has become a major challenge, especially as the U.S. military shifts to using smaller and more distributed combat units. "ARES will demonstrate several key technologies to achieve an operational VTOL system with a more compact footprint than those of conventional helicopters, and couple this with higher cruise speeds.”
–Kevin Renshaw, Senior Principle Engineer, ARES, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®

"The ARES program is an example of how NAI’s modular and adaptive Configurable Open System Architecture™ delivers SWaP-C efficient, I/O-intensive boards and systems with more processing power in less time at a lower system cost. "Our ability to mix and match functions gives customers a solution without the high costs typically associated with other vendors’ custom box designs," explained Lino Massafra, NAI VP of Sales & Marketing. "We were able to quickly provide Lockheed Martin with distributed I/O and processing solutions that met their demanding requirements, all with no NRE."


“The support from the factory far exceeded my expectations. Same day response to most questions. Willingness to help us get up to speed ASAP. Work well with our in-house engineers. Absolutely world class.”
–Program Manager, Major Public Aerospace & Defense Company