VME D/S Output Transformer

Model 6U VME 64TR1

VME D/S Output Transformer

This single slot card contains two 60/400 Hz Synchro output transformers and two reference input transformers, and is specifically designed to interface with VME-64CS1/CS3-84CSP8-57.

This product is Obsolete. View our Obsolescence Policy for additional information. Please refer to our Products page for a listing of current products.


  • E in: 6.0 Vrms ±10%
  • E out: 90 VL-L ±1% at NL
  • Load: 5025 W at 70° (1.25 VA)
  • Regulation: 10%
  • Reference Input: 115 Vrms
  • Frequency: 60/400 Hz
  • Reference output: 5.0 Vrms
Measurement / Simulation
Synchro / Resolver Simulation