Synchro / Resolver Simulation

Synchro / Resolver Simulation

See D/S and D/R for newest architecture.


The unique Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver (D/S) converter modules used in NAI’s Multifunction boards are solid state designs that eliminate the need for external transformers and operate with lower AC reference frequencies – offering huge space savings. The reduced size and low power consumption of these modules make it possible to supply up to 10 channels of standard-power or 18 channels of lower-power output drive.

NAI offers three types of programmable, isolated output, Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver simulation (D/S) function modules.

The first and most commonly used form factor is a three-channel, high density module with lower-power (0.25 VA max.) output drive capability supported on all multifunction I/O platforms.

The second, a two-channel form factor with standard-power 1.5 / 2.2 VA max. for 2-28 VL-L and 28-90 VL-L output ranges respectively, and the third is a single-channel high-power (3 VA max.) form factor with output drive capability. (Types two and three are supported on certain platforms).

All D/S modules feature a wrap-around self-test capability and most platforms support an optional programmable AC excitation supply. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and design algorithms, many useful application features such as reference voltage and frequency measurement, reference loss detection, paired channel two-speed operation and many others are “built-in.” All type (D/S) converter modules used/supported on the Multifunction I/O board platforms are unique solid-state designs that operate down to 47 Hz.


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6*D/S (Module 6*) - Three channels, 0.25 VA Power OutputN/AContact Factory at 1 (631) 567-1100

Function module(s) featured in products below:

ModelBoard TypeFunction Module SlotsBoard ArchitectureSizeOn Board ReferenceEthernetOtherMaster / Slave
76C2PCI3 1/2N/A    
64C3VME6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
64C2VME 6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
64CS4VME5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
76CS3PCI5 FullY High power D/S capable  
79C3PCIe3 1/2N/A    
75C33U cPCI2 + 1/2S/B Cyclone® II  1 x Gb Slave 
75C53U cPCI2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® III  1 x Gb Both 
78C26U cPCI6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
78CS26U cPCI5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
67C36U OpenVPX6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
68C33U OpenVPX2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® IV  2 x Gb Both 
ModelPhotoBoard TypeDimensions w/Connectors (w x h x d)Volume w/Connectors (in3)Weight / lbs (fully populated)Est. Typ. Power Dissipation (W)# of Board SlotsFunction Module SlotsMax I/O PinsEthernet
SIU66U11.75" x 3.35" x 8.65"340.49<14.012 to 60 W2123162 x Gb
ModelForm FactorMax ChannelsFunctionOn Board ReferenceOther
75DS23U cPCI4Synchro / Resolver / LVDT / RVDT SimulationYConvection and Conduction Cooled
73DS2PC1043Synchro / Resolver SimulationY option in lieu of one channelConvection Cooled
ModelFunctionColumn NameForm FactorVoltage RangeFront Panel TypeFrequency RangeInternal ReferenceExcitation / Reference SupplyResolutionNumber of ChannelsAccuracyOtherSignal Voltage RangeReference Voltage RangeInterfaces
65CS4 Synchro/Resolver Measurement and Stimulus  1.0 to 90 VL-L 47 Hz to 4,000 Hz For 47Hz to 10kHz or 20kHz 2 to 115 Vrms 4 Measurement Channels 4 Stimulus Channels 5410C-89 Replacement   
Legacy Calibration Standard Manuals 5300, 530, 530/20, 540/10 & 540/20 Manuals             
Legacy Simulator Manuals           5310 & 5330 Operations Manuals   
5388S/D & D/S  2 to 115 VAC 47 Hz to 10 kHz None 2