Synchro/ARINC 429/Fuel Flow Modules

Synchro/ARINC 429/Fuel Flow Modules

Synchro/ARINC 429/Fuel Flow Modules from NAI

NAI designs and manufactures a wide variety of self-contained, remotely mountable, Signal Converter Modules:

  • Synchro/Resolver Booster Amplifiers
  • Synchro/Resolver Converters
  • ARINC 429-to-Synchro Converters
  • Second Harmonic Fuel Flow Converters

Their field-proven designs and carefully selected components assure highly reliable performance. These military grade modules are specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications.


AC Reference Modules

ModelForm FactorInputOutput PowerOutput FrequencyVoltage ToleranceFrequency ToleranceConnector
PS5410C-16Flange Mount±12VDC or ±15VDC5VA400Hz to 10kHz+/-2%+/-1%15 Pin D
44KS1Baseplate+28VDC65VA400Hz26-28Vac0.25%15 Pin D

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Synchro/Resolver Boosters

ModelForm FactorInputOutputAccuracyPowerChannelsConnection
44PA1Flange MountResolver: 5.0 VL-L, 6.81 VL-L or 90 VL-L30 VA / 90 VL-L±3 Arc Minutes115 Vrms1Single D

Synchro/Resolver to Linear DC Converter

ModelForm FactorRef InputSignal InputResolutionAccuracyFrequency RangeOutput Voltage Range
4010BrickFactory SelectableFactory Selectable0.003%Up to +/-6 Arc Min47 Hz to 10 kHzFactory Selectable

Second Harmonic Fuel Flow Converters

ModelForm FactorExcitationOutputAccuracyResolutionConnection
44SM1Flange Mount115 Vrms @ 400 Hz0° = 100 Hz 360° = 1000 Hz0.05% of full scale0.1 HzMS311

ARINC 429 to Synchro Converters

ModelForm FactorSignal InputOutputAccuracyResolutionConnection
44SM7-2Flange Mount2 Wire Arinc 429 Low Speed, Label 162 BearingSynchro 11.8 VL-L0.5°0.05°MS311