Synchro/ARINC 429/Fuel Flow Modules

Synchro/ARINC 429/Fuel Flow Modules from NAI

NAI designs and manufactures a wide variety of self-contained, remotely mountable, Signal Converter Modules:

  • Synchro/Resolver Booster Amplifiers
  • Synchro/Resolver Converters
  • ARINC 429-to-Synchro Converters
  • Second Harmonic Fuel Flow Converters

Their field-proven designs and carefully selected components assure highly reliable performance. These military grade modules are specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications.


Synchro/Resolver to Linear DC Converter

ModelForm FactorRef InputSignal InputResolutionAccuracyFrequency RangeOutput Voltage Range
4010BrickFactory SelectableFactory Selectable0.003%Up to +/-6 Arc Min47 Hz to 10 kHzFactory Selectable

AC Reference Modules

ModelForm FactorInputOutput PowerOutput FrequencyVoltage ToleranceFrequency ToleranceConnector
PS5410C-16Flange Mount±12VDC or ±15VDC5VA400Hz to 10kHz+/-2%+/-1%15 Pin D
44KS1Baseplate+28VDC65VA400Hz26-28Vac0.25%15 Pin D

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Second Harmonic Fuel Flow Converters

ModelForm FactorExcitationOutputAccuracyResolutionConnection
44SM1Flange Mount115 Vrms @ 400 Hz0° = 100 Hz 360° = 1000 Hz0.05% of full scale0.1 HzMS311

Synchro/Resolver Boosters

ModelForm FactorInputOutputAccuracyPowerChannelsConnection
44PA1Flange MountResolver: 5.0 VL-L, 6.81 VL-L or 90 VL-L30 VA / 90 VL-L±3 Arc Minutes115 Vrms1Single D

ARINC 429 to Synchro Converters

ModelForm FactorSignal InputOutputAccuracyResolutionConnection
44SM7-1Flange Mount2 Wire Arinc 429 Low Speed, Label 314Synchro 11-8 VL-L0.5°0.05°MS311
44SM7-2Flange Mount2 Wire Arinc 429 Low Speed, Label 162 BearingSynchro 11.8 VL-L0.5°0.05°MS311