Single-Function I/O Boards

Single-Function I/O Boards from NAI

NAI offers, and continues to support, primary or single-function I/O boards designed for a specific, single-purpose application. Based on the specialized application itself, from the interface connectors through the motherboard, to the specific function, these boards typically address I/O function integration challenges requiring higher current capacity, layout, and/or grounding requirements. They are specifically designed for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

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ModelForm FactorMax ChannelsFunctionOn Board ReferenceOther
75DS23U cPCI4Synchro / Resolver / LVDT / RVDT SimulationYConvection and Conduction Cooled
64PW36U VME2PWM Servo DriveN/AConduction Cooled
6906 Programmable Resistor6U VME6Programmable ResistorN/AConduction Cooled
73SD4PC1046Synchro / Resolver MeasurementY optionConvection Cooled
73LD4PC1046LVDT / RVDT MeasurementY optionConvection Cooled
73DS2PC1043Synchro / Resolver SimulationY option in lieu of one channelConvection Cooled