SSI / Encoder / Quadrature Counter


Each module incorporates four (4) independent isolated programmable SSI/encoder/counter channels. These encoder/counter channels can interface directly to independent industrial encoders without any concern about groundings. Each channel is programmable as:

  • SSI interface controller: The channel will output a clock to the encoder and will receive the encoder positional data signal. The SSI controller has a programmable clock rate.
  • SSI “Listen Only” mode receiver: The channel will accept both the clock and positional data signal as inputs. The data word can be programmed in binary or gray codes with parity.
  • Quadrature encoder counter: The channel can accept an index pulse in conjunction with the A and B signal inputs.
  • Incremental encoder reader: Sub-programming options include pre-loadable up/down counters and 1x, 2x or 4x input format.
  • General purpose counter: The channels are pre-loadable and can be controlled as an UP or DOWN counter which can be fed via a programmable internal clock source or an external signal trigger.


Function module(s) featured in products below:

ModelBoard TypeFunction Module SlotsBoard ArchitectureSizeOn Board ReferenceEthernetOtherMaster / Slave
76C2PCI3 1/2N/A    
64C3VME6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
64C2VME 6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
64CS4VME5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
76CS3PCI5 FullY High power D/S capable  
79C3PCIe3 1/2N/A    
75C33U cPCI2 + 1/2S/B Cyclone® II  1 x Gb Slave 
75C53U cPCI2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® III  1 x Gb Both 
78C26U cPCI6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
78CS26U cPCI5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
67C36U OpenVPX6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
68C33U OpenVPX2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® IV  2 x Gb Both 
ModelBoard TypeProcessorFunction Module SlotsMaximum MemoryMaximum StorageVideo OptionsEthernetAvailable O/S
75SBC43U cPCI SBCNXP® QorIQ® P2041 Quad-Core e500mc Processor @ 1.2 GHz14 GB DDR3 SDRAM32 GB SATAII NAND FlashN/A2 x GbWind River® Linux or VxWorks®