Remote Data Concentrator

Remote Data Concentrator

Application Ready Systems

Remote Data Concentrators (RDC) process and format aircraft sensor data into a common digital format over MIL-STD-1553, RS-422 and ARINC-429 protocols, which can then be received by avionics computers and cockpit displays that require engine/aircraft sensor data in a digitized form.

RDCs often serve as the "central nervous system" for most avionics equipment on an aircraft and host the avionics and utilities functions, eliminating several boxes and hundreds of pounds of cable. These rugged, high speed, modular A/D, D/A conversion devices are designed primarily for specific avionics systems including fixed-wing, rotorcraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms.

NAI designs remote data concentrators around core COTS technology building blocks, offering our customers readily available, interoperable, field-proven systems (or subsystems) designed to withstand the rigors of harsh, SWaP-constrained environments where compact, low-power systems are required.

NAI leverages its decades of experience in embedding electronics to include application-ready remote data concentrators. With our highly adaptive, modular Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®), NAI's I/O boards have the highest packaging density and greatest flexibility of any multifunction I/O board in the industry, delivering more intelligence and functionality in a smaller footprint - all at a lower cost.

NAI’s rugged RDCs offer proven solutions and are ruggedized to withstand -40º C to +71º C and qualified to MIL-STD-1275D & MIL-STD-704A with 50 ms holdup (power supply); MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G.

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All NAI products are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States.

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COSA Design Advantages (1:54)

Open Systems Architecture

NAI's modular, highly Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) enables you to meet your most demanding system requirements– in less time while reducing risks associated with custom designs.

If one of the off-the-shelf Remote Data Concentrator configurations described below do not meet your requirements, you can configure a semi-custom solution of your own.

Simply select a rugged enclosure of your choice. NAI will populate it with I/O boards, smart function modules, single board computers (SBCs), power supplies, and software libraries of your choice.

Add your IP to our pre-integrated, fully tested systems and move from specification to deployment without extended delivery schedules or NRE.

ModelPhotoSeriesForm FactorProcessorSpeedI/O & CommsOSWt. (lbs)Volume (in3)
NRDC-3000NIU2AModuleARM® Cortex®-A9N/A8-CH programmable RS-232/422/485 serial channels, Dual-Channel Dual-Redundant MIL-STD-1553 BC, RT & MT and 8-CH ARINC 429/575 interface channels, individually programmable for either Tx or RxXilinx® PetaLinux OS, Wind River VxWorks 6.9 and DDC-I Deos<2.7552.5
RDC-31CP0BSIU313U cPCIARM® Cortex®-A9N/A2 x 10/100/1000Base-T; ARINC 429/575 (12); CANBus (8); RS-232422485 (8); 28 VDC PSU w/holdupVxWorks®, Xilinx® PetaLinux<5.096.41
RDC-33CP0BSIU333U cPCIIntel® Core™ i7N/A2 x 10/100/1000Base-T; MIL-STD-1553 (2); CANBus (8); ARINC 429/575 (12); RS-232/422/485 (12); Discrete I/O (16); A/D (16); D/A (12); 28 VDC PSU w/holdupLinux® (CentOS®, Red Hat®), Windows® Embedded Standard 7<10.0196.10
RDC-35CP0BSIU353U cPCINXP® Quad QorlQ® P2041N/A2 x 10/100/1000Base-T; MIL-STD-1553 (2); ARINC 429/575 (12); CANBus (8); RS-232/422/485 (12); Differential I/O (32); Discrete I/O (40); A/D (28); D/A (28); RTD (8); 28 VDC PSU w/holdupVxWorks®<15.0296.85