See RY-X for newest architecture.


  • Four independently controlled mechanical contact relay channels
  • Non-latching or Latching options
  • 1 Form C contacts DPDT / changeover (2nd Form C for BIT)
  • Continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT)

This module provides four individual single pole user DPDT Form C (changeover / break-before-make type) relay I/O channels. The 2nd set of pole contacts is used for Built-In-Test (BIT). Each channel has a common input terminal (C), a normally closed output terminal (N/C) and a normally open (N/O) output terminal. The channel is commanded to energize or de-energize the relays (close or open) so that the signal provided on (C) may be switched/directed to either the (N/C) or (N/O) terminals. Interrupts can be enabled/configured for each channel to indicate if a BIT fault (state of secondary set of contacts does not match command) occurs. Internal debounce circuits for each channel provide the required time delay to eliminate false signals resulting from contact bounce commonly experienced with mechanical relays and switches.

The KN Module - 4x Non-Latching
The relays used on the KN module power-on default/remain de-energized or in the "reset" position until commanded to the "set" position. The contacts will then remain in the "set" position until commanded to the "reset" position or if power is removed from the card/module.

The KL Module - 4x Latching
The relays used on the KL module utilize magnetic latching to assure that once a relay channel is "set" or "reset", even if power is removed from the card/module, the channel will remain at the last commanded position.


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KNKLIsolated, Four Independent Relay ChannelsN/AContact Factory at 1 (631) 567-1100

Function module(s) featured in products below:

ModelBoard TypeFunction Module SlotsBoard ArchitectureSizeOn Board ReferenceEthernetOtherMaster / Slave
76C2PCI3 1/2N/A    
64C3VME6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
64C2VME 6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
64CS4VME5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
76CS3PCI5 FullY High power D/S capable  
79C3PCIe3 1/2N/A    
75C33U cPCI2 + 1/2S/B Cyclone® II  1 x Gb Slave 
75C53U cPCI2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® III  1 x Gb Both 
78C26U cPCI6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
78CS26U cPCI5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
67C36U OpenVPX6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
68C33U OpenVPX2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® IV  2 x Gb Both