RS-232/422/423/485/IO (KB)

RS-232/422/423/485/IO (KB)


The KB module is organized as a single module containing two communications controllers and fourteen (14) discrete I/O channels. Each discrete I/O is individually programmable and may function as either input or output I/O signal. When programmed as an input, a channel may be used for either input voltage measurement or switch closure sensing. I/O channels that are set for switch closure sensing are configured with a programmable pull-up. This feature eliminates the need for external pull-up resistors or mechanical jumpers. When programmed as an Output, each channel can be configured as a low-side, low impedance switch connected to ground. The KB modules include diode clamping (useful for inductive loads such as relays) and short circuit protection. Signal and power is isolated from the system bus. Each module has provisions for a single external VCC input.

The KB module contains two high-speed intelligent communications controllers. Each full duplex controller may be programmed and individually software configured for RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 or RS423 asynchronous communication. Both controllers are identical and support automatic BREAK detection.


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KBTwo High Speed Serial Communications with I/O ComboN/AContact Factory at 1 (631) 567-1100

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