Programmable S/R Standard & Simulator

Programmable S/R Standard & Simulator

Model Instrument 5300

Programmable S/R Standard & Simulator

NAI’s 5300 Synchro/Resolver Standard & Simulator is a laboratory-grade, programmable instrument. This model can be used as a true Synchro/Resolver standard for calibrating and testing automatic test equipment (ATE) for Calibration/Metrology Labs, and for Engineering Design and Production Test environments. It can also be used to measure angle position indicators (API) and Synchro-to-Digital converters for static or dynamic characteristics. This model also may use an external reference waveform.

The 5300 is self-contained and can be remotely controlled by a computer via the interface connector on the rear panel. It is self–calibrating, compensating for errors due to changes in voltage and frequency settings, temperature, and long-term drifts. It is ideally suited for defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications.

Please note that there has been a slight change to the specification on the 5300.  Please read link below for specification bulletin.



  • 0.0001° Resolution
  • 2 arc second accuracy
  • Continuous CW or CCW rotation to 100,000°/sec 
  • Frequency: 47 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Static or continuous Synchro/Resolver rotation simulation, from slow roll to fast slew rates
  • Built-in reference generator
  • Rack-mount or bench-top installation
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