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The Problem

How do you minimize the risk of recurring cost impacts and supply disruptions of the commercial world while feeling confident that your program investments will be protected?

Work with us.

North Atlantic Industries manufactures high-performance COTS products built on standard industry platforms that offer multiple design, development and test benefits. With that however, comes the constant threat of component obsolescence and unwanted change.

We understand that application stability and predictability is essential for many of the mission-critical systems we support. Our customers measure program life in decades, while the ever-increasing pace of technology continues to compress the lifespan of commercial products to 18 months or less.

Technology Insertion & Extended Lifecycle Support

Our dedication to a technology insertion strategy and the delivery of Lifecycle Extension Services provides the disciplines to proactively manage the challenges associated with Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) and deliver the long-term reliability you seek.

The modular nature of our architecture drives sharing of common modules and components across our product lines. As a result, we share your motivation in ensuring that our products meet the original functional, environmental and operating requirements over a long lifespan - even in the face of component obsolescence.

Providing 10+ years of Product & Application Support

Active Production (COTS Product) Mature Production (COTS Product) End of Life & Obsolete (COTS Product) Program Specific Extended Life Support
Available for Purchase: Yes Yes, but not recommended for new designs During Last Time Buy Time Period Only COTS product no longer available. Customer specific program available by contract only.
Repair / Evaluation: Yes Yes Typically 2 to 25 years (Based on component availability)1 By Contract Only
Calibration: Yes Yes Typically 2 to 25 years (Based on component availability)1 By Contract Only
Lifecycle Extension & Configuration Management Services: Optional Optional Optional Required

1NAI will make every attempt to stock component inventory for continued product support after obsolescence. However, in some cases, repair and calibration support may be limited or not available due to component availability. Additional services may be available for support of obsolete products, contact factory for details.

Standard NAI COTS Products

With the purchase of COTS products, all NAI customers are guaranteed:

  • 12 month warranty
  • Software / firmware upgrades
  • Product Change Notification in unlikely event of changes impacting Form, Fit & Function
  • AS9100D certification
  • AS5553 & AS6174 Counterfeit Electronic Part Avoidance Compliance

Additional Extension Services

For customers requiring even greater levels of control and protection from change, NAI's Lifecycle Extension and Configuration Management services provide a comprehensive suite of options.

These optional services can be added at any time and expand as necessary throughout the life of your program to create an appropriate balance between cost and risk.

  • Obsolete Component Procurement & Management
  • Nitrogen Storage
  • Extended Calibration, Test & Repair Support
  • Configuration Management

Configuration Management Services for Risk Avoidance

For customers requiring even greater levels of control and protection from change, NAI’s Configuration Management disciplines and associated services provide a comprehensive suite of options for advanced change notification, life extension and configuration control.

With service options ranging from proactive notification of planned engineering changes to full configuration freeze lockdown with long-term manufacturing support – you can select a service that is right-sized for your need.

And, you’ll have the flexibility to increase your level of control over the life of your program as well as it’s duration.

Contact Us

If you would like additional information on our Product Lifecycle Extension or Configuration Management Services, please complete our Contact Us Form (requesting “Sales Support”) or call us between the hours of 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Eastern (UTC-5) at: +1 (631) 567-1100.