Phase Angle Voltmeters

Phase Angle Voltmeters

Since the development of the first Phase Angle Voltmeter (PAV) over 50 years ago, North Atlantic Industries has been the industry leader in AC Measurement Instrumentation. Our name has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Our products, specifically designed for defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications, deliver industry-leading accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

NAI’s units of today are actually multifunction Digital Analyzing Voltmeters that combine a complete Voltmeter, a Phase Angle Voltmeter, and a Waveform Signal Analyzer in a single microprocessor-based instrument. With these versatile and flexible instruments, a wide range of tests can be performed, either manually using the front panel controls or automatically using the IEEE-488 bus. Designed for the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace, NAI’s Voltmeters are used in a variety of applications. They are capable of measuring:

  • Phase angle
  • Total voltage
  • Fundamental voltage
  • In-phase voltage
  • Quadrature
  • Frequency analysis voltage
  • Signal to reference ratio
  • Harmonic distortion


North Atlantic Industries has been manufacturing the 2250 and 2251 Phase Angle Voltmeters for 20+ years. Over the past several years, NAI has worked hard to manage component issues, but has now encountered multiple component obsolescence issues which cannot be managed. As a result, we have found it necessary to discontinue the 2250 and 2251 Phase Angle Voltmeters which you may have previously purchased. 

Because of these issues, NAI was not able to offer a “last time” purchase opportunity.  We are, however pleased to inform you that our next generation Phase Angle Voltmeter, model 2250A is soon to be released as an alternate product at the link below.

NAI will continue to support repairs and calibration of the 2250 and 2251 to the best of our ability, subject to availability of components. There may be instances when a unit may not be repaired.  If this unit has this type of issue, you will be notified upon evaluation.

NAI values your business and looks forward to working with you through this obsolescence issue. 

Click on the product links below for detailed product information.

ModelForm FactorFront Panel TypeInternal ReferencePhase ResolutionPhase AccuracySignal Voltage RangeReference Voltage RangeFrequency RangeInterfaces
2250ABench & RackmountHigh-Res Touch ScreenOptional 6VA0.0001°Up to 0.01°50 MV to 500 Vrms50 MV to 500 Vrms10 Hz to 1 MHzEthernet, USB & IEEE-488
Legacy PAV Manuals        321, 213C, 2250 & 2251 Manuals