PMC Synchro/Resolver Measurement, Convection

Model PMC 74SD2

PMC Synchro/Resolver Measurement, Convection

NAI’s 74SD2 is a convection-cooled, PMC Synchro/Resolver Measurement Board with up to eight channels. The channels can incorporate up to eight single-speed or four two-speed Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converters with accurate velocity outputs. Each channel is programmable, so it can be set to the desired bandwidth and for either Synchro or Resolver input. This capability is extremely useful for motor control applications which require total control over one of the loop characteristics. The high tracking rate and variable bandwidth of the 74SD2 enables the converters to handle high speeds and acceleration.

The 74SD2 is specifically designed for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial applications. The 74SD2 is a legacy (mature) product. Please note that support for this product is limited to existing documentation, Software Support Kit (SSK), and drivers.

This product is Obsolete. Please view our Obsolescence Policy for additional information. Please refer to our Single-Function I/O Board page for a listing of current products.


  • Eight channels for up to eight single-speed or four two-speed converters
  • Synchro/Resolver programmable per channel
  • Requires only +5 VDC
  • 16-bit resolution
  • ±1 arc-minute accuracy
  • Continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT) with reference and signal loss detection
  • Self-calibrating, removal not required
  • Bandwidth programmable per channel up to 1200 Hz
  • Programmable 2-speed ratios: 2 to 255
  • 400 Hz to 10 kHz operation
  • Tracking rate to 300 RPS (18,000 RPM)
  • Power-on-Self-Test (POST)
  • Accurate digital velocity outputs
  • Watchdog timer and soft reset
  • Automatically supports either 5 V or 3.3 V PCI bus
  • Galvanic isolation for all reference and signal inputs
  • Synthetic reference compensates for ±60° phase shift
  • No adjustments or trimming required
  • Part number, S/N, date code, and revision in non-volatile memory
  • Software Support Kit (SSK) and drivers are available
Measurement / Simulation
Synchro / Resolver Measurement (S/D)
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