PC104 Synchro/Resolver Simulation Board

PC104 Synchro/Resolver Simulation Board

Model PC/104 73DS2

PC104 Synchro/Resolver Simulation Board

NAI’s 73DS2 is a PC104-compatible Synchro/Resolver Simulation Board with three isolated channels. These channels can incorporate up to three Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver Converters with 1.2 VA drive capability in a stack-through module. With galvanic isolation, one of the outputs can be grounded without affecting performance.

Standard features include continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT), and reference and signal loss detection. Major diagnostic capabilities, including malfunction alerts and a choice of either an on-line test or an off-line test, provide substantial improvements to system reliability. Specifically designed for rugged defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial applications, the 73DS2 supports an optional 3 VA reference supply and drives passive loads.     Requires forced air cooling.


  • Three D/S(R) channels available
  • Synchro or Resolver isolated output format
  • 1 arc-minute accuracy
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 1.2 VA (maximum) drive capability per channel
  • Continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT) with signal and reference loss detection
  • Wrap-around S/D for reading actual commanded output angle, VL-L and VREF and Reference Freq
  • No adjustments or trimming required
  • 16-bit PC104 data bus
  • Reference frequency: 47 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Software Support Kit (SSK) and drivers are available
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73DS2 Operations Manual


Note: Linux Driver(s): All Linux driver / source code are provided as is without change support.
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