NXP PowerPC MPC8536 (U3)


NXP PowerPC MPC8536 (U3)

PowerPC™ MPC8536 processor (NAI's U3 module), is a high-performance member of the PowerQUICC® III processor family, which combines a computation-intensive Power Architecture™ processor core with high-performance system peripherals and advanced power management techniques. Integrates SATA, USB, multi-lane PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, and DDR memory to increase data bandwidths, reduce valuable board real estate, and lower overall power consumption.

The U3 coupled with NAI’s extensive I/O function capabilities and BSP/library support offers developers a real time embedded system environment. Additionally, this solution can interface directly to the I/O, other cards on the system bus (Bus-Master capability), perform embedded algorithms and communicate directly to system and sub-system computers.

User Requirements/Utility Library

U3 Module

  • VxWorks® development environment
  • NAI U3 PowerPC™ VxWorks® x BSP
  • NAI I/O and Communications Library support