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16 Discrete/Switch I/O Channels (±80 V, 625 mA/Ch.)

The DT2 module features 16 independent, isolated, programmable channels that can be used for input voltage measurements (±80 V), or as a bi-directional current switch (up to 625 mA per channel). When programmed as a switch with the switch closed, both the current through the switch and the voltage across the switch can be monitored. These modules include diode clamping on each channel. Clamping is useful for inductive loads, such as relays and short circuit protection.

  • 16 channels available as inputs or outputs
  • Programmable for Input voltage or switch closure for each channel
  • Continuous background Built-in-Test (BIT) (during normal operation, status provided for channel health and operation feedback)
  • Ability to read switch I/O voltage and current
  • Ability to handle switch closure currents of up to 625ma DC
  • Automatic switch overcurrent protection, programmable to 625 mA max
  • Open Circuit Detection
  • Clean, bounce-free switching

  • Input Range: ±80 V (peak) / ±60 V (typical)
  • Input Pulse Detection: A pulse of 40 µs min. width will be sensed and indicated by the appropriate Hi–Lo or Lo-Hi Transition Interrupt.
  • Input Impedance: 2 MΩ / (200 kΩ if/when Open Circuit Detect Logic enabled)
  • Switching Threshold: Levels are programmable from 0 to 80 Vrms with 10-bit resolution (0.98% FS) On/Off.
  • Accuracy of Thresholds: The greater of 5% signal value or 0.25 V.
  • Threshold Differential: 0.5 V min. recommended.
  • Debounce: Programmable per channel Programmable per channel from 0 to 10 µs x 232 (LSB= 10 μs; 32-bit resolution).
  • Update Rate: Each channel is updated every 10 μs.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Input clamped at ±80 VDC.
  • Voltage Measurement: User can read input voltage of each channel. User can read input voltage of each channel. From: LSB=100mV; Accuracy: ±3 LSB’s (300 mV) over temp. To: 1% FSR.
  • Switch Formats: Isolated bidirectional (AC/DC) MOSFET switch.
  • Switch Current: 0-625 mA per channel (load determined) / (±80 V peak)
  • Switch Impedance Open: 2 MΩ / (200 kΩ if/when Open Circuit Detect Logic enabled)
  • Switch Impedance Closed: 0.5 Ω typical, 1 Ω max.
  • Current Measurement: User can read AC/DC current through switch, independently for each channel, LSB=3 mA; Accuracy: The greater of ±10% of Signal or ±20 mA over temperature.
  • Measurement Update Rate: Each channel is updated every 10 µs.
  • Isolation: 500 V (between channels and each channel to system GND).
  • Power: 5 VDC/0.98 A max
  • Weight: 1.5 oz. (42 g)
Block Diagram
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