Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Products from NAI

NAI offers a variety of resolver-based Astrosystems motion control solutions for the packaging, material handling, and automated manufacturing industries. Specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications, our innovative product lines include single- and multi-axis synchronizers, limit switches, encoders, position sensors, and potentiometers.


Astrosystems Limit Switches & Encoders

ModelProduct DescriptionDisplayTransducer
AstroCODER 150Programmable Absolute EncoderOptional 
AstroPLSProgrammable Limit SwitchYesHST21U

Astrosystems Position Sensors

Astrosystems Potentiometers

ModelProduct DescriptionDisplayTransducer
Astrosystems Durapot PTAngular-to-DC Potentiometer - Hazardous Environments  
Durapot LPAngular-to-DC Potentiometer  

Astrosystems Servo Position Synchronizers

ModelProduct DescriptionDisplayTransducer
AstroSYNC 180Programmable Dual Axis Servo SynchronizerYes 
Astro 1000Programmable Servo SynchronizerYes