Discrete I/O - 48 Channel

Discrete I/O - 48 Channel


See DT-X for newest architecture.

NAI Discrete I/O Modules provide programmable channels for either Input or Output. Modules used in our Serial Communications and Digital I/O Boards provide 48 channels of Discrete I/O. Our unique design eliminates the need for pull-up resistors or mechanical jumpers. The Discrete I/O Module operates from VCC = 0 to 60 VDC, which provides protection from normal/abnormal 28 VDC transients. As a result, no additional voltage protection is required.

When programmed for Input, they can be used for either voltage or contact sensing. Channels set for contact sensing can be programmed for either pull-up or pull-down.

When programmed for Output, each channel is independently programmable as Source, Sink or Push/Pull. This enables flexible system configuration on the fly, eliminating the risks and time associated with hardware re-configuration. Module K9 features include:

  • Programmable for Input (voltage or contact sensing) or Output (current source, sink or push-pull) per channel/bank
  • During normal operation, continuous background Built-in-Test (BIT) status provided for channel health and operation feedback)
  • Ability to sense broken input connection and if input is shorted to +V or to ground
  • Ability to read I/O voltage and output current for improved diagnostics (indicates if load is connected)
  • Ability to current share, by connecting multiple outputs in parallel, to sink/source up to 2A per channel/bank
  • Ability to handle high inrush current loads (e.g. two #327 incandescent lamps in parallel)
  • Supports 'dual turn-on' (series channel output) applications (e.g. dual series ‘key’ missile launch control)
  • Software compatible with previous versions (additional functions provided via supplementary memory register locations)

All Discretes are not Created Equal

K9 Discrete I/O Module


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K948 Channels Discrete I/ON/AContact Factory at 1 (631) 567-1100

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