Discrete I/O - 16 Channel

Discrete I/O - 16 Channel


See DT-X for newest architecture.

NAI Discrete I/O Modules for our Multifunction I/O Boards provide 16 programmable channels for either Input (voltage or contact sensing) or Output (current source, sink or push-pull) per channel (K6); or 16 independently programmable channels that may be used for input voltage measurements, or as a bi-directional switch (K7). Our unique design eliminates the need for pull-up resistors or mechanical jumpers. During normal operation, continuous background Built-in-Test (BIT) status is provided for channel health and operation feedback. Modules support ‘dual turn-on’ (series channel output) applications (i.e., dual series ‘key’ missile launch control).

K6 – When programmed for Input, they can be used for either voltage or switch closure sensing. Channels set for switch closure sensing can be programmed for either pull-up (current source) or pull-down (current sink) using our internal programmable current source. This feature eliminates the need for external pull-up resistors or mechanical jumpers. The K6 operates from VCC = 0 to 60 VDC, which provides protection from normal/abnormal 28 VDC transients. As a result, no additional voltage protection is required. When programmed for Output, each channel can be set for High-side, Lo-side or Push/Pull operation. Features include:

  • Ability to sense broken input connection and if input is shorted to +V or to ground
  • Reads I/O voltage and output current for improved diagnostics
  • Can current share, by connecting multiple outputs in parallel to sink/sours up to 2A per bank
  • Handles high inrush current loads (i.e., two #327 incandescent lamps in parallel)

K7 – Each module provides 16 isolated channels. Each channel is independently programmable and may be used for either input voltage measurements, or as a bi-directional switch. Programmed as voltage input, a channel can be used to measure different bipolar input voltages of up to ±80 V. Programmed as a switch and with the switch closed, both the current through, and voltage across the switch may be monitored. The K7 Module includes diode clamping on each channel. Clamping is useful for inductive loads such as relays and short circuit protection.

When programmed for Input, they can be used for either voltage or contact sensing. Channels set for contact sensing can be programmed for either pull-up or pull-down. Features include:

  • Ability to read switch I/O voltage and current
  • Handles switch closure currents of up to 600 mA DC
  • Automatic switch over current protection @ 600 mA
  • Clean, bounce-free switching

All Discretes are not Created Equal

Discrete I/O Module Block Diagram K6

K6 Discrete I/O Module

Discrete I/O Module Block Diagram K7

K7 Discrete I/O Module


Click below for manuals and specifications:

K6Sixteen Channels Discrete I/O (0 to 60 VDC)N/AContact Factory at 1 (631) 567-1100
K7Sixteen Channels Discrete I/O (Isolated Switch)N/AContact Factory at 1 (631) 567-1100

Function module(s) featured in products below:

ModelBoard TypeFunction Module SlotsBoard ArchitectureSizeOn Board ReferenceEthernetOtherMaster / Slave
76C2PCI3 1/2N/A    
64C3VME6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
64C2VME 6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
64CS4VME5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
76CS3PCI5 FullY High power D/S capable  
79C3PCIe3 1/2N/A    
75C33U cPCI2 + 1/2S/B Cyclone® II  1 x Gb Slave 
75C53U cPCI2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® III  1 x Gb Both 
78C26U cPCI6BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x GbHigh power D/S capableSlave 
78CS26U cPCI5BF533 / Cyclone® II Y1 x Gb Slave 
67C36U OpenVPX6BF533 / Cyclone® III Y2 x Gb Both 
68C33U OpenVPX2 + 1/2BF533 / Cyclone® IV  2 x Gb Both 
ModelPhotoBoard TypeDimensions w/Connectors (w x h x d)Volume w/Connectors (in3)Weight / lbs (fully populated)Est. Typ. Power Dissipation (W)# of Board SlotsFunction Module SlotsMax I/O PinsEthernet
SIU66U11.75" x 3.35" x 8.65"340.49<14.012 to 60 W2123162 x Gb