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Conveyor System Synchronization

As a West Coast bakery's products grew in popularity, the company found that they needed an improved level of integration in the operation of independent machines used in their assembly line. Their goal was to boost productivity from 600 to more than 1,300 packages per hour. Hoping to achieve 1:1 synchronization between their multiple axis conveyor systems at a reasonable cost, the company turned to NAI for the Astrosystems Programmable Servo Synchronizer (Astro 1000).

The Astro 1000 was deployed to produce the control signals that keeps portions of the assembly process performed by independent systems in synch. The customer reports that the Astro 1000 provides them with great flexibility by making dynamic adjustments automatically, it has eliminated the used of unreliable mechanical cams and limit switches and allowed an increase of more than 215% in productivity.

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