DC/DC Converters 3U cPCI

NAI offers a variety of COTS and custom DC/DC converters that plug directly into a standard 3U cPCI chassis and are conduction-cooled through the card edge/wedgelock. With their advanced designs, these rugged converters accept a +28 VDC input and provide standard cPCI output configurations. All units are specified over their full operating temperature range at full-load conditions.

Specifically designed with NAVMAT component derating for rugged defense and industrial applications, these military power supplies have integrated EMI filters per MIL-STD-461 standards.

Click on the product links below for detailed product information or view our Power Supply Reference Guide for platform and performance details of our full portolio.

ModelForm FactorInput# of OutputsOutput PowerInput TransientsEMIFeaturesCooling MethodConnector - I/O
75PS43U, 0.8"+28 VDC4150 WattsMIL-STD-704 & MIL-STD 1275MIL-STD-461FProgrammable, Holdup Time, BIT, I2CWedgelockPICMG 2.11
55LQ33U, 0.8"+28 VDC4125 WattsMIL-STD 704MIL-STD-461EENABLE & BITWedgelockPICMG 2.11
55MQ23U, 0.8"+28 VDC4150 WattsMIL-STD-704 & MIL-STD 1275MIL-STD-461E I2C & BITWedgelockPICMG 2.11
55LQ23U, 0.8"+28 VDC4100 WattsMIL-STD 704MIL-STD-461E WedgelockDIN
55KQ2-023U, 0.8"+28 VDC460 WattsMIL-STD-704MIL-STD-461EI2CWedgelockPICMG 2.11