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Configuration Management

North Atlantic Industries manufactures a wide variety of COTS and Modified COTS products built on standard industry platforms that offer a wide variety of design, development and test benefits. Our Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) provides increased design cycle speed and flexibility, lower total cost and greater scalability compared to custom designed products.

For those customer programs that require a strict ECO process, with parts traceability and replacement in accord with the base configuration, NAI also has a formal Configuration Management Program and the associated processes to deliver this level of support.

Learn more about NAI’s Product Lifecycle Extension and Configuration Management Services.

NAI’s Configuration Management Plan provides precise control over our product configurations at given points in time, systematically controlling changes to the configuration, and maintaining the integrity and traceability of the configurations throughout the product lifecycle.

The work products placed under configuration management include the software products, hardware products and documentation products that are delivered to the customer and the items, such as compiler, scripts and build and assembly documentation that are identified as required to create these products.

Configuration Management Plan

NAI's Configuration Management Plan incorporates:

  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Control
  • Configuration Status Accounting
  • Configuration Audit

If you have specific questions regarding our Configuration Management Plan and associated Configuration Management Services please complete our Contact Us Form or call 9am-5pm Eastern (UTC-5) at: +1 (631) 567-1100 for Sales or Technical Support.