Astrosystems Programmable Limit Switch

Model Industrial Automation AstroPLS

Astrosystems Programmable Limit Switch

The AstroPLS is a Programmable Limit Switch that provides flexible limit control on the fly. Easy replacement of old style mechanical switches such as cams, proximity sensors and microswitches add immediate flexibility and improved performance. One part number provides a complete system including: (1) AstroPLS Programmable Limit Switch and (1) HST21U Transducer and mating connector.


  • Provides 16 output relay channels with up to 1000 on/off set points or dwells
  • Accepts inputs from one or two transducers providing independent dual-axis control
  • Easy to use programming language allows the user to add, modify and change
    programs on the fly
  • Up to eight programs can be stored allowing for easy changeover, virtually
    eliminating costly downtime
  • User friendly display and keypad allows for fast and easy programming,
    while Teach and Jog mode ensure proper set-up
  • Built-in scalable resolution displays user defined units
  • Optional remote washdown, stainless steel panel with keyboard and display
  • Models AL52, AL92
  • Typical Applications:
    • Pick-and-place
    • Insertion
    • Packaging
    • Winding
    • Converting


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