Astrosystems Angular-to-DC Potentiometer

Model Industrial Automation Durapot LP

Astrosystems Angular-to-DC Potentiometer

NAI’s Durapot LP Angular-to-DC Potentiometers are a series of transducers that convert angular rotational position of a shaft to a usable voltage or current output signal. The rugged industrial design uses resolver-based technology, which allows the unit to maintain absolute position, even after a power loss.


  • Available in NEMA 1, 4, 12, and 13 rated housings
  • Resolver-based design
  • Choice of DC analog voltages or 4-20 mA current output
  • Maintains absolute position even after power loss
  • Immune to electrical noise
  • Reduces costly downtime and maintenance and provides ultra-accurate position data
  • Available with single or multi-turn gear reducers for precision applications
  • Field reversible polarity permits selection of increasing V (out) with CW or CCW shaft rotation
  • Models HDC1000-24CR, HDC40 and HDC34
  • Typical Applications:
    • Position feedback for tension control systems
    • Roll followers - conveyor systems
    • Scanhead positioning in gauging
    • Valve positioning

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