AstroSystems Programmable Absolute Encoder

Model Industrial Automation AstroCODER 150

AstroSystems Programmable Absolute Encoder

The AstroCODER 150 is a Programmable Absolute Encoder that allows the user to change programs on the fly. Includes resolver based transducers enhancing ruggedness while maintaining absolute position even after loss of power.


  • Industry leading 680 µs scan time virtually eliminates error, allowing for faster machine speeds while maximizing productivity.
  • Built-in scalable resolution displays user defined units between 16 and 4096.
  • Accepts inputs from one or two transducers providing independent dual axis control.
  • Position data available in three user selected forms: Serial Digital, Parallel Digital and Analog Voltages.
  • Factory installed Astro data latch reacts to signal from PLC thereby accommodating any predetermined scan rate.
  • Available with start-up software.
  • Optional DK version with remote keyboard and display.
  • Models AC30, AC92 and AC35 (DK series)
  • Typical Applications:
    • Packaging
    • Machine tool
    • Data acquisition
    • Material handling