Angular/DC Potentiometer - Hazardous Environments

Model Industrial Automation Astrosystems Durapot PT

Angular/DC Potentiometer - Hazardous Environments

NAI’s Durapot PT are a series of Hazardous Environment Potentiometers that convert angular rotational position of a shaft to a current output signal. They are immune to electrical noise and are hardened for use in hostile environments, including explosive atmospheres, radiation, lightning and water submergence. The housings are finished with an epoxy coating that is weather and corrosion resistant and specifically designed to withstand hydrogen sulfide, methane, chlorine and salt. Durapot PT potentiometers are capable of transmitting 4-20 mA position data over a 3-wire cable over distances of up to several miles.


  • Resolver-based design
  • 4-20 mA DC current output
  • Maintains absolute position even after power loss
  • Immune to electrical noise
  • No intermediate voltage-to-current converters required
  • The electronics can either be separate or integral
  • Requires 24 VDC and will operate reliably on battery voltage
    down to 18 V
  • Both primary (gas tube) and secondary (TranZorb) lightning protection
    are available for the Durapot PT
  • Electrolysis protection that is built into the Durapot PT makes it uniquely
    suited for all water treatment applications
  • Models DC1000, HDC1000, 100-3698-X
  • Typical Applications:
    • Water treatment, purification and processing
    • Paper and steel processing
    • Gate, valve, turnout and still well
    • Harsh environment packaging applications

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