ARM Cortex-A9



Many designers choose an ARM processor to address one or more of the SWaP parameters that challenge their design. ARM processors are recognized as being very power efficient while still delivering on performance, especially 64-bit, multi-core processors. The ARM Cortex architecture is available in three series - A, R, and M, each targeted at specific applications and are excellent candidates for critical embedded computing platforms. Products that operate with power supplies and have high computing performance needs will use the Cortex A-series of processors due to the high degree of I/O integration, low power, low cost and suitable performance.

NAI's modular 3U and 6U COTS Single Board Computers (SBCs) with an ARM® Cortex®-A9 processor can be configured with up to six NAI intelligent I/O and communications function modules. Choose from more than 40 intelligent I/O, communication, and Ethernet switch functions for the highest packaging density and greatest flexibility of any SBC board in the industry. NAI will integrate your choice of SBC and I/O functions to quickly meet your rugged system requirements.

Eliminate man-months of integration with a configured, field-proven system from NAI. Specification to deployment is a seamless experience as NAI provides design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly, and testing— all from one trusted source.

Accelerate your Time-to-Mission™ with NAI.



Function module(s) featured in products below:

ModelBoard TypeProcessorFunction Module SlotsMaximum MemoryMaximum StorageVideo OptionsEthernetAvailable O/S
75ARM13U cPCI SBCXilinx® Zynq 7015 with Dual Core ARM® Cortex® A9 @ 800 MHz3512 MB DDR3L SDRAM32 GB SATAII NAND FlashN/A2 x GbWind River® VxWorks®, Xilinx® PetaLinux OS and DDC-I Deos™ support
68ARM13U OpenVPX SBCXlilinx® Zynq 7015 & 7016 w/Dual Core ARM® Cortex®-A9 @800MHz3512 MB DDR3 SDRAM32 GB SATAII NAND FlashN/A2 x GbWind River®, VxWorks® and Xilinx® PetaLinux OS Support
64ARM16U VME SBCXilinx® Zynq Dual Core ARM® Cortex® A9 @ 800 MHz6 + AC Ref512 MB DDR3L SDRAM32 GB SATAII NAND FlashN/A2 x GbWind River® VxWorks® and Xilinx® PetaLinux OS support