ARINC 429 to Synchro Converters

NAI offers a variety of ARINC-429 to Synchro Converters that provide conversion from serial digital ARINC-429 format to analog Synchro format (with single and multiple outputs), and conversion from ARINC-429 format to other formats. These modules are specifically designed for rugged defense and industrial applications.

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ModelForm FactorSignal InputOutputAccuracyResolutionConnection
44SM7-1Flange Mount2 Wire Arinc 429 Low Speed, Label 314Synchro 11-8 VL-L0.5°0.05°MS311
44SM7-2Flange Mount2 Wire Arinc 429 Low Speed, Label 162 BearingSynchro 11.8 VL-L0.5°0.05°MS311