6U VME Multifunction I/O Boards

Configurable 6U VME Multifunction I/O Boards

NAI offers a variety of rugged 6U VME I/O boards – designed to be combined with our pre-integrated smart function modules – to create a highly flexible COTS-based solution ideally suited for I/O intensive sense, response and communications requirements operating over VME Bus.

With over 70 pre-integrated I/O, measurement, simulation or communication functions to choose from, NAI’s modular approach provides unmatched levels of design flexibility, channel density and SWaP optimization.

Optimized for maximum reliability in mission critical, harsh environment applications within the defense, commercial aerospace and industrial industries, these highly intelligent 6U VME boards, can often operate as standalone systems, eliminating the need for a Single Board Computer, operating system and associated software royalty costs.


  • Support for up to 6 independent, smart function modules
  • A variety of I/O and communication modules to choose from
  • Control via either VME Bus or dual Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interfaces
  • Standard features include extensive diagnostics, continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT), auto-ranging of signal inputs, self-calibration, galvanic isolation, and field-programmable parameters.
  • Connections via front panel, rear panel, or both
  • Conduction or Convection cooled versions available
  • Commercial or rugged applications
  • Operating temperature: 0° C to 70° C commercial, -40° C to +85° C rugged
  • A Wind River® VxWorks® Software Support Kit with board-specific library and source code is supplied to facilitate function implementation, independent of the user's Single Board Computer (SBC).

All NAI products are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States.

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COSA Design Advantages (2:56)

As a result of our Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®), our 6U VME Cards can be easily configured to meet a wide variety of application-specific requirements quickly and without the need for custom boards.

Dedicated FPGAs embedded on our smart modules provide unique software and processing advantages that drive time and cost out of our customer’s design, development and qualification schedules.

ModelBoard TypeBoard ArchitectureFunction Module SlotsEthernetMaster / SlaveOn Board ReferenceOther
64G5VMEARM / Xilinx® Zynq62 x GbBothYUser application ARM processor capability
64C3VMEBF533 / Cyclone® III62 x GbBothY 
64C2VMEBF533 / Cyclone® II 61 x GbSlaveY 
64CS4VMEBF533 / Cyclone® II51 x GbSlaveYHigh power D/S capable