6U VME, 3-Slot Multifunction, High Density I/O

Model 6U VME 64D3

6U VME, 3-Slot Multifunction, High Density I/O

The 64D3 is a single slot 6U VME low-power/high-performance and high-density multifunction I/O board. Three module slots enable integrators to mix and match a variety of I/O and communication functions. There is potential for 144 channels of high functionality, feature-rich programmable discrete on a single 6U card.

The 64D3 allows systems integrators to confidently tailor, manage, monitor and control a host of sensor interfacing requirements utilizing NAI’s flexible, leading-edge, fully programmable and continuous background Built-In-Test (BIT) enabled function modules.

This product is Obsolete. View our Obsolescence Policy for additional information. Please refer to the 64C2, 64C3 or 64G5 product pages for details on the closest replacement products.


  • High Density Multifunction I/O and Communications
  • Single 6U VME Slot
  • Users can specify up to 3 High-density Function Modules
  • Automatic background BIT (module-dependent)
  • VME Bus and/or Dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces)
  • Master VME Bus capability
  • Front and/or Rear I/O Support
  • Designed for Commercial and Rugged applications
  • Software Support Kit and Drivers are available


Document DownloadsDate
64D3 Data Sheet
64D3 Specifications
64D3 Operations Manual
Complete manual that includes all available function modules.
64D3 Custom Operations Manual
Abbreviated manual that includes only function modules selected in the part number.
1553 Module (Nx) Programmer's Reference Guide
NAI Ethernet Interface for Embedded IO Boards Specification

Note: Linux Driver(s): All Linux driver / source code are provided as is without change support.
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