30 VA Synchro Booster Amplifier

Model Modules 44PA1

30 VA Synchro Booster Amplifier

The 44PA1 is a military grade Synchro Booster Amplifier that delivers 30 VA over the frequency range of 47 Hz to 10 kHz and will drive most CTs or TRs. It is transformer isolated, short circuit protected, and provides an accuracy of up to ±3 arc minutes.


  • Transformer Isolation
  • Accuracy up to ± 3 arc minutes
  • 47 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protected
  • Commercial or Military Temperature Range
  • Optional ± 2.5° Offset Capability
  • Optional 5.0 VDC Reference
  • SBA, Amplifiers

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44PA1 Operations Manual / Specification