VME Multifunction I/O

Model 6U VME 64C1

VME Multifunction I/O

The single slot VME 64C1 universal multifunction card has six module positions allowing developers to achieve a custom configuration. Cards can be configured with any combination of modules functions such as A/D (10-channels), D/A (10-channels), Discrete I/O (16-channels), TTL I/O (16-channels), RTD (6-channels), Synchro/Resolver (4-channels), LVDT/RVDT (4-channels), and Signal Generator (4-channels), providing high-functional density. This reduces number of cards required for system integration while improving overall reliability and reducing power consumption. Features include an automatic background built-in test which will indicate a failure when in operation, reducing the cost of unplanned downtime, enabling faster troubleshooting and reducing spare part inventory. Please note; this is a legacy (mature) product - support for this product will remain within the extent of the existing available documentation and software support kit(s).

Please use 64C3 for all new applications.


  • Multiple functions on a single slot VME card.
  • User can specify six different function modules.
  • Automatic Background BIT testing continually checks and reports the health of each channel.
  • Designed for both Commercial and MIL applications.
  • Connections via Front panel, Rear panel, or both.
  • Conduction or Convection cooled versions.
  • No damage if signals are applied when card is not powered.
  • Software support kit and drivers are available