Synchro/Resolver Panel Meter

Model Instrument 800/801

Synchro/Resolver Panel Meter

NAI’s 800 and 801 are Synchro/Resolver Panel Meters with resolutions up to 0.01° and accuracies up to 0.03°. Both Synchro and Resolver modes are programmable, and the units operate over a broad frequency band of 47Hz to 1200Hz.

Please Note: The Models 800/801 Panel Meters have been discontinued as of December 12, 2014.  Please see LTB Letter under the documents section of the 800/801.

The model 8810A meets or exceeds all the specifications of the 800/801 and can be used as an alternative.


  • Panel-mount
  • Resolution to 0.01°
  • Accuracy to 0.03°
  • Synchro or resolver input
  • Wideband reference: 47 Hz to 1200 Hz
  • Line-to-line programmable
  • Zero offset adjust
  • Can be powered by reference
  • Type II tracking servo loop
  • Size: 3.8" W x 1.9" H x 8.1" D (96mm x 48mm x 205mm)
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