Programmable Synchro/Resolver Simulator - 5310

Model Instrument 5310

Programmable Synchro/Resolver Simulator - 5310

The 5310 is obsolete. The replacement for the 5310 is our new, enhanced Synchro/Resolver Simulator, model 5330A.  Please see the link below for 5330A specifications and operations manual.

NAI will continue to support repairs and calibration of the 5310 subject to availability of components.

For specifications and the operations manual for the 5330A
Click here for more information.


  • Variable Programmable Tracking Rate
  • 3.0 VA Output
  • 18-bit/0.01° Resolution
  • 36 arc-second Accuracy
  • Wideband: 47-440 Hz or 360 Hz-5 kHz
  • Manual/Remote Operation
  • Optional IEEE-488
  • Switchable BCD or Binary Programming
  • Rack mount or Benchtop


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