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Mix-and-Match a Wide Range of I/O and Communications Functions on a Single Card...

NAI's 64C3 Multi-function I/O and Communications Board Reduces Size, Weight, Power... and Cost.

Typical 64C3 configuration:

  • Eight fully programmable serial RS232/422/485 channels
  • Dual channel/dual redundant MIL-STD-1553
  • Four CANBus channels
  • Six ARINC 429/575 channels
  • Sixteen 0 to 60 VDC user programmable discrete I/O channels

The 64C3 can be used as part of a 6U VME system where data is available on the VMEBus or Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. SBC communication protocol overhead is eliminated; the 64C3 processes it all. Additionally, multiple 64C3 boards can be used in a rugged subsystem, such as the SIU6. The SIU6, populated with two 64C3 boards, is ideally suited to support data concentrator, data distribution or data processing communication and I/O applications.

Alternatively, function modules can be selected in an endless number of configurations to meet your specific needs. See the 64C3 specification for details on all functions supported by the 64C3.

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6U VME I/O & Comm Board - 64C3

6U VME Multi-function I/O & Communications

Six I/O and communication function module slots— Over 40 different modules to choose from NAI’s 64C3 is a 6U VME... More...