Function module(s) featured in products below:

ModelInput VoltageOutput CurrentInverse VoltageOutput Voltage DropInput TransientsOther
F58028VDC500mATo 600V, no damage1.5VDCMIL-STD-704Radio Interference Per MIL-1-6181D
A73828VDC2.5 AmpsNot Available4% of Input VoltageMIL-STD-704QPL - MS 27710 Per MIL-F-26301D
A915-8115Vrms4 AmpsNot Available4% of Input VoltageNot AvailableQPL - MS 25205-7 Per MIL-F-26301D
A91528VDC5 AmpsNot Available4% of Input VoltageNot AvailableRadio Interference Per MIL-1-6181D -and- QPL MS24577-2A Per MIL-F-26301D