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Benchtop and VXI Instruments

NAI offers a wide range of Benchtop and VXI card-based motion simulation and measurement instruments for the Aerospace, Industrial, Laboratory and Defense industries. Our innovative and highly reliable products provide best-of-breed performance for Synchro Angle Position Indicators, Phase Angle Voltmeters, Synchro/Resolver Simulators, Phase Measurement, Calibration Standards, and VXI Instruments. All of NAI’s production, test, and inspection personnel are certified to IPC-610C via the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and its equipment calibration procedures meet the requirements of ANSI/NCSL-Z540, utilizing standards traceable to NIST. Key features include:

  • Innovative circuit designs
  • Stringent component selection
  • Ultimate in accuracy, speed, repeatability, programmability and reliability

NAI's instruments are used in a broad range of programs and applications by customers world-wide. Typical applications include design, simulation, production test, and calibration of airborne, ground-based and shipboard systems, such as navigation control, signal retransmission, fire control, LVDT/RVDT simulation and test systems. NAI instruments are field-proven over many years of use and have become the industry standard.


Angle Position Indicators

Phase Angle Voltmeter

Synchro/Resolver Simulators

Angle Position Indicators
  • Accuracy up to 0.004°
  • Resolution up to 0.0001°
  • Frequency range 47Hz to 20KHz
  • More...
  • Phase Angle Voltmeter
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.05°
  • Resolution up to 0.01°
  • Frequency range 10Hz to 100KHz
  • More...
  • Synchro/Resolver Simulators
  • Accuracy up to 0.003°
  • Resolution up to 0.001°
  • Frequency range 47Hz to 10KHz
  • More...

  • Synchro/Resolver Calibration S...

    VXI Instruments

    Synchro/Resolver Calibration Standard
  • Accuracy up to 0.0005°
  • Resolution up to 0.0001°
  • Frequency range 47Hz to 20KHz
  • More...
  • VXI Instruments
  • Accuracy up to 0.005°
  • Resolution up to 0.0002°
  • Frequency range 47Hz to 4KHz
  • More...