Angle Position Indicator

Model Instrument 8500

Angle Position Indicator

NAI’s 8500 Angle Position Indicator is a dual-channel Synchro/Resolver-to-digital converter that performs high-quality, analog-to-digital conversions of Synchro and Resolver data. This API transmits the converted digital representation of the analog data simultaneously to the front panel display, the BCD outputs of the rear panel parallel I/O connector, and the optional IEEE-488 interface bus, which has full MATE compatibility. The rack-mount version is standard; the bench-top version is optional.


Please Note: The Model 8500 is discontinued as of December 12, 2014.  Please see LTB Letter under the documents section of the 8500.

The NAI 8810A can be used as an alternative unit.  The 8810A meets or exceeds all performance specifications of the 8500.



  • 0.03° accuracy on each of the two independent channels
  • 0.01° resolution
  • Auto-compensation of phase shift errors
  • Auto line-to-line voltage select
  • 47Hz to 1200Hz frequency range
  • Auto-ranging adjusts to any line-to-line voltage of 10-100V
  • Autophase correction
  • Optional IEEE-488 interface for remote sensing & programmability
  • Replacement for obsolete model 8300
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