3U cPCI, SBC with Multifunction I/O & Communicatio

Model Single Board Computer 75DP3

3U cPCI, SBC with Multifunction I/O & Communicatio

The 75DP3 is a single slot, 3U cPCI, low-power/high-performance Single Board Computer (SBC). Configured with Freescale's 1.0 GHz MPC8536 PowerPC (U3) or Analog Devices' 500 MHz BF 533 (U2) processor, the 75DP3 offers an extremely low-power, cost-conscious SBC solution for today's demanding, space-constrained and resource-limited embedded systems. The 75DP3 is configured as a system controller. On-board I/O support is available for both U2 and U3 modules.

The 75DP3 SBC, coupled with NAI’s 75D3 or 75C3 multifunction I/O (MFIO) boards within a system, populated with our high-density function modules and full complement of I/O libraries and drivers provides a complete, low-power/high-performance, programmable cPCI solution for sensor and communication data acquisition, management, processing and distribution.

This product is Obsolete. View our Obsolescence Policy for additional information. Please refer to our Single Board Computer page for a listing of current products.


  • SBC with I/O capability in a single 3U cPCI slot
  • PCI Bus and/or Dual Gig-E Interfaces
  • Automatic Background Built-in-Test (BIT)
  • Front and/or Rear I/O support
  • Designed for commercial and rugged applications
  • Software Support Kit(s) and Driver(s) are available