3U cPCI, SBC w/Multifunction I/O & Communications

Model Single Board Computer 75DP3

3U cPCI, SBC w/Multifunction I/O & Communications

The 75DP3 is a single slot, 3U cPCI, low-power/high-performance Single Board Computer (SBC). Configured with Freescale's 1.0 GHz MPC8536 PowerPC (U3) or Analog Devices' 500 MHz BF 533 (U2) processor, the 75DP3 offers an extremely low-power, cost-conscious SBC solution for today's demanding, space-constrained and resource-limited embedded systems. The 75DP3 is configured as a system controller. On-board I/O support is available for both U2 and U3 modules.

The 75DP3 SBC, coupled with NAI’s 75D3 or 75C3 multifunction I/O (MFIO) boards within a system, populated with our high-density function modules and full complement of I/O libraries and drivers provides a complete, low-power/high-performance, programmable cPCI solution for sensor and communication data acquisition, management, processing and distribution.

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  • SBC with I/O capability in a single 3U cPCI slot
  • PCI Bus and/or Dual Gig-E Interfaces
  • Automatic background Built-in-Test
  • Front and/or Rear I/O support
  • Designed for commercial and rugged applications
  • Software Support Kit(s) and Driver(s) are available