Accelerate your time-to-mission with COSA — a modular and adaptive architecture
    that enables smarter systems in a smaller footprint, and faster integration with less
    program risk and no NRE.

  • Configured to Customize

    Engage with NAI, and eliminate the need to design a custom data
    acquisition system for most sense-and-response applications. Our
    Custom-On-Standard Architecture (COSA) provides custom
    solutions for Mil/Aero applications from standard COTS components.
    The result: smarter, smaller systems in less time — with no NRE.

  • Architected for Versatility

    Support a broad range of applications by incorporating
    a highly adaptive architecture while retaining all the
    advantages of COTS products.

  • One-Source Efficiencies

    Work efficiently with one source for faster integration
    of your system through pre-configured, pre-tested
    solutions — designed and manufactured under one roof.